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You are going to see many immediately recognisable logos on Signdezine. Signdezine is in no way associated with any of these companies.

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These are our current best sellers.

Product ID: 20.5x4.35-blank-acrylic
20.5x4.30 Blank Car/Bike Acrylic Number Plate

List Price: £3.99
Price: £7.49
9.36 USD 8.68 EUR
Product ID: 3D-Domed-Gel-CUSTOM-oblong-badge-SINGLE
3D Domed Gel CUSTOM Oblong Badge SINGLE

List Price: £11.99
Price: £7.99
9.99 USD 9.26 EUR
Product ID: 3D-Domed-Gel-ford-oval-custom-name-bonnet-boot
3D Domed Gel Ford Oval Custom Name Bonnet / Boot Badge

List Price: £19.99
Price: £8.99
11.24 USD 10.42 EUR
Product ID: 3D-Domed-Gel-Letters-Numbers
3D Domed Gel Letters and Numbers

List Price: £3.99
Price: £1.99
2.49 USD 2.31 EUR
Product ID: 3D-Domed-Gel-custom-design-wheelcenter
3D Domed Gel CUSTOM Wheel Center, Resin Badges Over-Stickers Decals Set of 4

List Price: £26.99
Price: £22.99
28.74 USD 26.65 EUR
Product ID: 3D-Domed-Gel-VX220Supercharged-wheelcenter-SINGLE
VX220 Super Charged 3D Domed Gel Wheel Center, Resin Badges Over-Stickers Decals SINGLE
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List Price: £6.99
Price: £7.99
9.99 USD 9.26 EUR

We cannot accept responsibilty for the application of these stickers graphics decals.
Full fitting instructions are supplied.
Please make sure the area you are applying the graphic to is grease and dust free.
We do not colour match manufacturer items unless otherwise requested on the basis that a similar colour is available through our colour chart. Colours may appear slightly lighter when 3D Domed Gel is applied.
3D Domed Gel surfaces must be smooth and free from contaminents. Slightly curved surfaces applies to surfaces that are no more than 1mm-2mm depth from the center to the outside edge depending on the overall diameter, if this is greater you will experience lifting of the badges. Under these conditions you may have to apply an adhesive to bond the two parts together.
The size of our Round 3D Domed Gel decals are in mm = wide/dia

Other names used for 3D Domed Gel include: domed stickers, resin stickers, gel stickers, 3d stickers, bubble stickers, domed labels, resin labels, gel labels, 3d labels, bubble labels, domed badges, resin badges, gel badges, 3d badges and bubble badges.

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