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Surface Preparation
The surface of your vehicle must be clean and free of all oils, waxes and dirt.
Use a wax remover or alcohol on painted surfaces if applying on freshly waxed paint. Your decals have three layers: The top layer is called the transfer tape and looks similar to regular masking tape or clear tape. The middle layer is the actual decal. The bottom layer is a backing paper treated with a release agent.

Items you will need:
a pin, credit card or a similar type squeegee, cutting knife, masking tape, tape measure.
Apply decal at room temperature or above. The warmer it is, the better it works, but avoid direct sunlight.

Step 1: Ensure the surface is clean
It is vital that all surfaces are clean and free from grease and grit. If you are applying film to a dirty vehicle, the adhesive from the graphic will adhere to the dirt and not the vehicle itself, which will result in failure later on. There are many cleaning solutions available which will do the job. The best procedure is to clean with a commercial detergent followed by a light clean with a suitable solvent such as methylated spirit (always check the solvent won't harm the surface before applying in any great quantity).

Step 2: Measure the graphics into place
While it is tempting to often stick graphics on "by eye", spending a little time with a trusty tape measure will ensure the best job. Use masking tape to hold the graphic in position while you measure, and adjust the position of the graphic until it is straight and square (or however it needs to be). Remember, once the backing sheet is removed you only have one chance to stick the graphics correctly, so it is worth spending a few extra minutes getting this stage right!

Step 3: Remove the backing sheet and apply the graphic
Run a line of masking tape along one edge of the graphic to create a "hinge". Hold the graphic up away from the surface and slowly peel off the backing sheet, a bit at a time if possible. Generally it is good practice to unpeel about six to ten inches of backing sheet at a time as you go. Then using a suitable squeegee, slowly squeegee the graphic to the surface using a "down and out" motion to minimise air bubbles. You should also maintain tension by firmly holding the bottom of the graphic. On very large graphics, more than one pair of hands may be a good idea.

Step 4: Removing the application paper
After the graphic is applied, the next step is to remove the low-tack application paper by pulling it back on itself at a 180º angle. Using this method to remove the application paper will reduce the chances of pulling the graphic back up and possibly causing air bubbles or edge lifting. Once you have removed the application paper, it is imperative to go back and resqueegee the graphic. This extra step will help to ensure that all of the edges of the graphic are in contact with the surface.

Step 5: Finishing touches
Once the graphic is firmly stuck to the surface you may wish to prick any remaining air bubbles to expell the air. To do this, use a pin to prick a small hole and then gently push the air out with your finger. Finally, give the new graphic a gentle wipe with meths to remove any excess glue from the application paper.

Vinyl won't stick to the surface?
Is the surface properly clean? Is it dust-free, free from grease, oil or waxy residues? Is it too warm or too cold? Is it wet? Is it a suitable surface (for example, bare untreated wood or concrete are not suitable surfaces)? If you are sure that the conditions are good for vinyl application but it still won't stick, ask your supplier for further advice.

I get loads of air bubbles?
You generally can't squeegee the bubbles out once the vinyl is stuck down. However it is possible to pin-prick the offending bubbles and carefully push the air out of the pin hole.

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